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The Power of 1% Better

1% doesn’t sound like a lot, does it? 

In his popular book Atomic Habits, author James Clear talks about how individuals underestimate the value of making small improvements and that by continuously improving just 1% every day, week, and month can yield massive improvements in the long term.

While the book focuses on personal productivity, the concept can be applied to a wide range of topics.  Take for example, what just 1% improvement looks like in healthcare spend. Most people involved in healthcare have heard or seen the factoid that $4.3T was spent in the U.S. on healthcare in 2021. 1% of that is $43B, which is larger than the annual revenue of Fortune 100 companies like American Express, Coca-Cola and Oracle.  

In the diagnostic testing marketplace, where billions of tests go unfilled every year, a 1% improvement in completion rate can significantly impact clinical care delivery, patient outcomes and healthcare organization business performance.  

We recently met with a regional diagnostic testing lab experiencing a 20% incompletion rate resulting in tens of thousands of unfilled orders every month. Using Claire to drive a conservative 1% improvement, thousands of incremental tests (and the important clinical insights they yield) could be processed by the lab every year. Claire’s  conversational AI-powered communications platform helps people overcome barriers to test completion with easy, convenient scheduling on their terms, convenient collection options and results in plain language. 

Ready to see what 1% – or more – better looks like for your organization? Contact us to learn more. 

1% is a lot bigger than you think!